✹ how this works

At the most basic level, you 1) select an image, 2) select a garment style + color + size, 3) add it to your cart and check out.

Simple as this may seem on the front end, we have a much larger production taking place behind the scenes. Once your order is placed, it is printed and assembled individually for you at one of our partner factories. You’ll notice from our selection of garments and colors that we are providing as many looks for you to choose from as we possibly can. Just because we might not wear a particular graphic + color combination doesn’t mean you shouldn’t.

What you see here is known in the tech world as an open beta version of our site. In layman’s terms, this is the most basic expression of our vision; the foundation for us to continually build and improve upon. We are launching with a handful of top-tier creators whom we’ve identified and invited to begin this journey with us, onboarding and activating each of them with care so that we can ensure our mutual success and grow sustainably. If you have an interest in your art or your brand being added to our partner invitation list, feel free to start a conversation with us and share your story at

As our customer, we exist to provide a pleasant experience for you and the creators you are purchasing art from. As your purveyor of premium pop culture, we want to hear from you if something doesn’t seem right. As with all software, this site may have a few bugs that need fixing, so please tell us if run into one. We’ll be keeping a running queue of bug fixes, and send something nice your way for helping us be the best we can be.