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What is Pop?

A developer platform for Polkadot

Pop is a developer platform designed to make it easy for you to build for Polkadot, each step of the way.

First-Class Developer Experience

Pop is built with you in mind. We abstract the complexity of Polkadot allowing you to create powerful, and truly decentralized applications with ease.


The Pop CLI is a powerful tool that allows you to scaffold new projects, interact with your contracts, and deploy your dApps with ease.

AppChains & Smart Contracts

Pop has what you need to build your dApp. Whether a simple smart contract or an entire appchain, Pop has you covered.

Pop Network

Pop Network is an ink!-enabled appchain, empowering you to create Polkadot-native smart contracts using only the DOT token. Use the Pop Network API to superpower your smart(er) contracts

Build Quickly and Powerfully

Whether you are building a smart contract or an entire appchain, Pop will help you get started quickly to allow you to focus on the important things.

Setup your Dev Environment

With one command in Pop CLI, install all the technologies needed to get started with Polkadot development.

Scaffold your project

Use the Pop CLI to scaffold your solution in seconds. Choose from a variety of smart contract or appchain templates.

Smart(er) Contracts

Superpower your smart contracts with Pop Network. Tap into Pop Network's API to access the power of Polkadot seamlessly.

Test Confidently

Pop enables you to test your solutions with ease by unifying the testing process under one easy-to-use tool - Pop CLI.

Setup Polkadot Networks

Create local Polkadot networks with the necessary parachains and cross-chain channels.

Execute your contract

Use the Pop CLI to interact with your smart contract and test its functionality.

Built-in Smart Contract Testing

Use the power of Rust in ink! smart contracts for built-in unit testing, and integration testing.

Deploy Seamlessly

Pop makes it easy to deploy and launch your solutions, whether locally or on a testnet, and even helps with appchain deployment.

Deploy / Launch your dApp locally

Pop up your smart contract or appchain locally to test and debug. Pop CLI will setup your local nodes for you.

Deploy your smart contract to production

Pop up your smart contract to a production chain. Only one command needed.

Deploy with DOT

Pop Network only uses the DOT token, making it easy to deploy on Polkadot.


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